Become an Expert at Typing in a Foreign Language Overnight

Are you learning a foreign language that uses a different alphabet from the Latin alphabet? Is English not your primary speaking and typing language? If you answered yes to either of these, investing in computer keyboard covers with the alphabet of your language of choice imprinted on the keys is the way to go.

There are programs that allow users to type in their chosen language, but they don’t change the English letters on the keyboard, they only make the letters correspond to ones from the language chosen. While this feature is still handy, it can take a while to figure out what each key corresponds to and be able to type fluently. By using a keyboard cover, users can not only type their language, but they don’t have to memorize the location of specific keys.

Keyboard covers make typing in a foreign language more natural, without the need for swapping out keyboards. This is a plus for laptop users, who are unable to switch out their keyboards. It also eliminates the need to switch for desktop users, so there’s more space on the computer desk that isn’t taken up by keyboard in Hebrew or Korean.

Keyboard covers are super slim, fitting right over the keys and allowing for a smooth transition from typing English to any other language imaginable. The covers are removable, so returning to English is just as easy as departing from it. They are also portable, so typing on the go is a cinch. They also aren’t limited in the language department; users can choose from over 18 different languages to type in, from Spanish to Czech and even Mongolian.

computer keyboard covers

If you’re a language lover, or a non-native English speaker, keyboard covers for your computer can be the difference between struggling and smooth sailing on the journey into foreign language and communicating with others through text.